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AEPA Subject Area Test Directory

The following list covers many of the AEPA subject area exam flashcards that we've developed:

AEPA Dance Test

AEPA Early Childhood Education Test

AEPA Economics Test

AEPA Foundations of Reading Test

AEPA Political Science/American Government Test

AEPA Principal Test

AEPA Professional Knowledge - Early Childhood Test

AEPA Reading Endorsement K-8 Test

AEPA Special Education: Early Childhood Test

AEPA Superintendent Test

AEPA Theater Test

NES® (National Evaluation Series™) tests have replaced many AEPA custom tests for Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments. We offer flashcards for most of the NES Certification Tests.

NES Art Test

NES Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Elementary Test

NES Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Secondary Test

NES Biology Test

NES Business Education Test

NES Chemistry Test

NES Earth and Space Science Test

NES Elementary Education Test

NES English Language Arts Test

NES Essential Academic Skills Test

NES General Science Test

NES Health Test

NES History Test

NES Mathematics Test

NES Middle Grades English Language Arts Test

NES Middle Grades General Science Test

NES Middle Grades Mathematics Test

NES Middle Grades Social Science Test

NES Music Test

NES Physical Education Test

NES Physics Test

NES School Library Media Specialist Test

NES Social Science Test

NES Spanish Test

NES Special Education Test

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