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GACE Subject Area Test Directory

The following list covers many of the GACE subject area exam flashcards that we've developed:

GACE Agricultural Education Test: Agricultural Education (040,041) Test

GACE Art Education Test: Art Education (109,110) Test

GACE Basic Skills Test: Basic Skills (200,201,202) Test

GACE Behavioral Science Test: Behavioral Science (050,051)

GACE Biology Test: Biology (026,027) Test

GACE Birth to Five Test: Birth to Five (005,006)

GACE Business Education Test: Business Education (042,043)

GACE Chemistry Test: Chemistry (028,029)

Early Childhood Education Test: Early Childhood Education (001,002) Test

GACE Early Childhood Special Education General Curriculum Test: Early Childhood Special Education General Curriculum (003,004)

GACE Economics Test: Economics (038,039)

GACE Educational Leadership Test: Educational Leadership (173,174)

GACE English Test: English (020,021)

GACE English to Speakers of Other Languages Test: English to Speakers of Other Languages (119,120)

GACE Family and Consumer Sciences Education Test: Family and Consumer Sciences Education (044,045)

GACE Geography Test: Geography (036,037)

GACE Health and Physical Education Test: Health and Physical Education (115,116)

GACE Health Education Test: Health Education (113,114)

GACE History Test: History (034,035)

GACE Marketing Education Test: Marketing Education (046,047)

GACE Mathematics Test: Mathematics (022,023)

GACE Media Specialist Test: Media Specialist (101,102)

GACE Middle Grades Test: Middle Grades Language Arts (011) Test, Middle Grades Mathematics (013) Test, Middle Grades Reading (012) Test, Middle Grades Science (014) Test, Middle Grades Social Science (015) Test

GACE Music Test: Music (111,112) Test

GACE Paraprofessional Test: Paraprofessional (177) Test

GACE Physics Test: Physics (030,031) Test

GACE Political Science Test: Political Science (0700) Test

GACE Professional Pedagogy Test: Professional Pedagogy (171,172) Test

GACE Reading Test: Reading (117,118) Test

GACE School Counseling Test: School Counseling (103,104) Test

GACE Science Test: Science (024,025) Test

GACE Special Education Test: Special Education Academic Content Concentrations (087,088), Special Education Adapted Curriculum (083,084), Special Education General Curriculum (081,082) Test

GACE Technology Education Test: Technology Education (048,049) Test

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